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Rajan Sandhu was diagnosed with a rare cancer, which eventually took his life. Rajan was always a generous individual who helped others when he could, but his level of generosity was most inspiring the years after he was diagnosed. You may have seen him in the downtown east side handing out McDonald hamburgers to hundreds of people, or in Surrey handing out sandwiches and other treats. Rajan worked for UPS and when he heard of a coworker who was diagnosed with cancer he paid for that coworker to enrol in programs at Inspire Health, a cancer agency which is not publicly funded. This was a complete shock to the coworker because she had never met Rajan, and he paid more than $500 for her to be a part of Inspire Health.

There are many stories about Rajan's generosity, many of which are shared at the event, along with some funny childhood stories. It is his selflessness that stands out most and that is the inspiration behind this annual event. When he was very ill, Rajan did not spend the little he had on his family and friends, instead he helped those that were in need.  

There are many fundraising events in which the profits go to the BC Cancer Agency and other agencies, but the Rajan Sandhu Fundraiser is unique as all money raised goes directly to people, not agencies. The philosophy behind this idea was inspired by Rajan Sandhu.

Rajan's family and friends will be continuing his beautiful acts of kindness and hope that you too will get involved, whether it is supporting this event, or taking on your own initiatives.

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