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$119 500 Donated To Individuals In The Last 5 Years

Recipients of the Rajan Sandhu Fundraiser:

Want to apply for funding?

To apply for funding, email us at and we'll get back to you with more information on how to proceed.

Rajan Sandhu Fundraiser proudly sponsored by

Apply For Funding:

We do not have a formal application process. To be approved for a donation, simply email us your "story" and one of us will respond within 1-2 days.  

We donate to individuals who are terminally ill and struggle financially, please include information about your current diagnosis and the financial stress you have to deal with because of your illness.

"Thank you..." from a past recipient

Why do we do this? Besides honouring and remembering someone we all loved, we have discovered that when one is terminally ill, the family's financial situation deteriorates drastically. The government is unable to assist these families. We decided to raise money and donate to people instead of agencies. #PeopleOverAgencies.

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